Small Groups are starting up again in January! Financial Peace and studies of Romans are all starting! These groups help nurture spiritual growth and fellowship, as well as provide a way to share Jesus with our friends and neighbors — enjoyable and meaningful.

Please contact us if you would like to be included in a small group!

Meanwhile, some of us are counting down to Christmas by looking at Luke from Chapter 24 and going backwards to the Birth of Christ!

Luke 24 – between the resurrection and ascension Jesus walks with two believers who are struggling because 1) they didn’t know Jesus raised to life and 2) they didn’t know He was walking with them right then in their toughest crisis of belief!! Immanuel – God with us!! Jesus showed them from scripture all about the Messiah and built their faith up. When they realized it was Jesus, He disappeared!! They ran the 7 miles or so back to make all their sad friends into glad friends!

What’s your big spiritual crisis or questions? Just a little walk/talk with Jesus — who has been walking with you all along — to experience the Joy!

Luke 23 – Between His trials and rest in the tomb, Jesus went through the agony of death on a cross. While being killed, he is connecting with those around Him. Caring for others — even promising eternal life to a condemned hopeless criminal, who was given hope beyond this life by the life-giver! For the Joy (eternal life with you and me) Jesus endured death on the cross. Life – given freely to whoever is willing to accept. To show the love and grace of God, Jesus became one of us. For God so loves us! That God Gave! There’s the point of Christmas. What it’s all about.

Ever feel you are not good enough? Or that God might be too busy? Look for the Truth, the Way, the Life!

Luke 22 – Between Judas agreeing to betray Jesus, and Jesus being arrested (when all the followers run for their lives) and Peter disowning Jesus, we have the Passover Upper Room Last Supper experience and prayer time in the Garden. Jesus being peace and submitting to the Will of God — the Plan for our salvation. Disciples may be Planning to Betray or Boasting of Greatness and Loyalty, but Jesus brings peace.

This Christmas, let’s look to Jesus for the peace that matters. Jesus is the key piece in the story. The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

Luke 21 – God notices and appreciates even the “little” gifts and considers them HUGE! yes, even and especially in the middle of tough times and anxieties of life — Signs of the Times – which Jesus shares in this chapter. Remember:
The Kingdom of God is near.
Things of the world (including the struggles) don’t last but Jesus’ words do.
Traps are set — so always watch and pray.
Jesus promises to give you words and wisdom. You can count on it!

Jesus says in Luke 21 that He will return in a bright cloud and in Power and Great Glory! Yes, looking back there was a “Joy to the World” Birth of Christ — but looking ahead there is the Joyous Forever with God Return of Jesus!!!