The Team


Hello, I’m Pastor Jeff, I have the privilege of pastoring this vibrant and fun church we call Rivers Edge. This is my first church after finishing seminary. Before seminary I directed Youth Rush programs for 7 years which is a youth evangelism program for high school and college age youth.

I am a pretty adventurous and free spirited person. I love the outdoors, socializing, and traveling. I’ve had the privilege of to traveling to Central and South America, the Caribbean, Central and Western Europe, Morocco, and the Middle East, where I spent most of my time. I absolutely love learning the history, culture, about the people, and eating the food from other countries.

In my free time I venture into nature where I paddle board, camp, hike, climb, and chill with friends. God has made lots of beauty in His creation and His people. I love to spend my time enjoying both!

Spiritual Leaders & Encouragers

Paul, an indépendant building contractor, loves visiting and ministering. He often drops in for prayer and to check on people. With a heart for missions, Paul and his wife Tammi lead trips to Alaska (as well as tropical islands) to encourage and share the love of Jesus while serving to repair and improve construction projects and be involved in Radio Stations and seminars.

Lloyd, a heating and cooling specialist, keeps schools up and running. Lloyd is often seen smiling as he shares a laugh, leads a Bible study, or serves by helping families and individuals. Involved in personal ministries as well as helping in Savoonga, Alaska missions, he loves and provides for his family as he helps his church family grow too.


Sunshine, a medical provider, enjoys concerts and family time, travel and creativity. Energetic and outgoing, she has traveled the world in professional and mission-minded work. Involved in leadership with local non-profit family support and homeless shelter work as well as involved in Praise leading and her children’s school, Sunshine uses her God-given energy and enthusiasm to share the love of Jesus.

Hi- My husband and I have been involved with Rivers Edge from the beginning and it has been awesome to see where God has taken this church! Both of our elementary aged children have been babies in this church and go to school here so if they aren’t sitting still during church it’s because they are comfortable here and church feels like home to them. We hope that this would feel like home to you as well. We are a gathering of the unfinished who love to praise the Lord.  I love leading worship and women’s bible study! I’m also a part time physician assistant and a full time wife, mom and Jesus follower. 

Kelvin–a Christian father, provider, hard worker, lover of cool cars, clean humor, extensive travel, and memory-making family times especially in nature, uses his talent of connecting with people to care and share the Gospel. Kelvin’s keen understanding and love of the Word and his Creator help him lead Bible studies and gets others interested in digging deeper into scripture.

Rick, family man and business administrator, enjoys letting God use him in leading for God’s glory. Adventuresome Harley-riding, tree-house building, tractor driving, meeting leader, Rick is most excited when another one of his contacts and friends starts a personal walk with Jesus. He freely gives and shares the Good News of Free Salvation in Jesus available for all.